How to create an email account in cPanel


This guide explains how to create an email account in cPanel. This allows you to send and receive emails using your domain.


  1. A hosting service using cPanel for email. This is commonly used for Linux hosting services (like GoDaddy or GreenGeeks).
  2. A cPanel admin account.

For reference, these instructions were followed using cPanel version 88.0.10 on GreenGeeks hosting.

Skill Level

Basic knowledge of browsers.


Time needed: 5 minutes.

  1. Go to the cPanel for your hosting provider.

  2. Click Email Accounts.

    cPanel Email Accounts button - screenshot

  3. Click Create.

    Create email account button - screenshot

  4. Complete the Create an Email Account step.

    Fill in the Username and Password fields.
    If relevant, edit the Domain, Storage Space, Automatically Create Folders for Plus Addressing and Send a welcome email with instructions to set up a mail client sections.
    Click Create.Create an email account page - screenshot

  5. Use the email account.

    To use the account via the online webmail service, click Check Email.
    To use the account via the email client on a device (e.g. Mail on an iPhone), click Connect Devices.Check Email and Connect Devices buttons - screenshot

More Info

Guide to cPanel Email Accounts:

Next Steps

Now that you’ve created an email account in cPanel, you can set up Gmail to use it. To do this, see How to create a Gmail account and use it for business emails on your own domain.