How to give another user access to your Google Analytics Account


This guide explains give another Google User Account access to your Google Analytics Account. This will allow the other User Account to access your Analytics Account (and any Properties and Views it contains). Depending on the permissions set, it will also allow them to configure and transfer the Properties it contains.


Google User Account with full permissions in the Google Analytics Account you want to change.

Skill Level

Basic knowledge of browsers.


Time needed: 5 minutes.

  1. Go to the Google Analytics site.

    Go to
    If you’re not already logged in, enter the email or phone number associated with your Google Account, click Next, then enter your password and click Next.Google Account Password field and Next button - screenshot

  2. Open the Admin menu.

    At the bottom of the left column, click Admin.Google Analytics Admin button - screenshot

  3. Select the relevant Account.

    If you have more than one Analytics Account, in the Your Account Name drop down select the Account that you want to add the User Account to.Google Analytics Your Account Name drop down - screenshot

  4. Go to Account User Management.

    Click the Account User Management button.Google Analytics Account User Management button - screenshot

  5. Add a User Account.

    Click the + button at the top right and select Add users.Add button and Add users option - screenshot

  6. Complete the Add permissions step.

    In the Enter email addresses field, enter the email address associated with the Google Account that you want to add.
    If required, tick Notify new users by email.
    In the Permissions section, tick all the permissions you want give to the user. If you want to transfer the Properties it contains to the User Account, tick all the tick boxes.
    Click Add.Email addresses section, Permissions section and Add button - screenshot

More Info

Add, edit, and delete users and user groups:

Next Steps

Now that you’ve given another Google User Account access to your Google Analytics Account, you will be able to transfer Properties within the account to them. If you want to do this, see How to move a Google Analytics Property to your Analytics Account.