How to transfer a Google My Business Listing to another Account


This guide explains how to move a Google Business Listing to another Account. This will allow the other Account to fully manage the Listing.

This might be useful if you’re transferring ownership of a business to someone else, or had previously set up the Listing in the wrong Account by mistake (e.g. a personal Google Account). It’s not possible to transfer ownership of a full My Business Account, so you need to transfer each Listing it contains individually.

These steps can be followed by either the Account which the Listing is being transferred from or to. The instructions below assume you have access to the account which the Listing is being transferred from.


  1. Access to the Google User Account that you want to transfer the site from.
  2. A Google User Account which you want to transfer the site to which has already accepted access to the Listing. If you haven’t already done this, see How to give another Account access to your Google My Business Listing.

Skill Level

Basic knowledge of browsers.


Time needed: 5 minutes.

  1. Log into Google My Business using the correct Account.

    Go to logged in using the Account you want to transfer the Listing from.
    If you’re not already logged in, enter the email or phone number associated with your Google Account you are moving the Property to, click Next, then enter your password and click Next.Google Account Password field and Next button - screenshot

  2. Go to the Users page.

    If you have multiple Listings, open the one that you’d like to change.
    In the main menu, click Users.Google My Business Users menu option - screenshot

  3. Change the role for the other user.

    Next to the Account you want to transfer the Listing to, click the role drop down and select Primary owner.Google My Business Role drop down and Done button - screenshot

  4. Click Transfer.

    Google My Business Transfer button - screenshot

More Info

Google’s guide to Transfer primary ownership of a listing: