Free Site Audit

I’d be happy to provide you with a free audit of your site. This includes a summary of and recommendations for:

  1. Security: captcha, emails, HTTPS, secure payments, SSL certificate, vulnerabilities and WAF.
  2. Performance (increasingly important for SEO): hosting, images and videos, JavaScript, CSS and SVGs.
  3. Legal: cookie notification, privacy policy and T&Cs.
  4. Search engine readability / SEO: broken links, keywords, sitemap and structured data.
  5. Reviews: Facebook Reviews, Google Maps / My Business, reviews page or section and other relevant reviews services.
  6. Social media, feeds and newsletters: blog / news feed, Facebook, Instagram, newsletter, Twitter and other relevant social media services.
  7. Tracking, accessibility, best practices and UX.

I also offer an in-depth site audit providing additional detail and analysis. Prices are available on request.

If you’re interested in either the free or in-depth site audit, please fill in the form below.