How to create an FTP account in cPanel


This guide explains how to create an FTP account in cPanel, and connect to it using an FTP client. This will allow you to upload and download files on your server, and can be used to upload and install your WordPress or Magento site.


For reference, these instructions were followed using:

  • cPanel version 88.0.11.
  • Cyberduck version 7.4.1.

Skill Level

  • Intermediate knowledge of cPanel.
  • Basic knowledge of FTP.


Time needed: 5 minutes.

  1. Log into cPanel.

  2. Go to the FTP Accounts page.

    In the Files section, click FTP Accounts.
    cPanel FTP Accounts button - screenshot

  3. Fill in the Add FTP Account details.

    In the Add FTP Account section, fill in the Log in and Domain (if you have more than one) fields.
    Fill in the Password and Password (Again) fields. Make sure this is very secure, and that you store it securely in your favourite password manager, as it potentially gives unlimited access to your server.
    In the Directory field, enter the name of the directory within your root server directory that you want the FTP account to access. You can leave it blank to allow access to your entire server, but it’s recommended that this is as specific as possible. For example, if you’re uploading a WordPress installation for an Addon domain, you would enter public_html/[the root directory of your Addon domain].
    In the Quota field select Unlimited unless you’re planning to upload or download lots of files (e.g. automated backups) and your hosting package has a bandwidth limit.
    Click Create FTP Account.Add FTP Account fields and Create FTP Account button - screenshot

  4. View the FTP configuration details.

    After the account is created, it’ll be displayed in the FTP Accounts section below the Add FTP Account section.
    Click Configure FTP Client for the account you created.
    Configure FTP Client button - screenshot

  5. Copy or download the FTP configuration details.

    If using the CoreFTP or Cyberduck FTP Clients, click the relevant FTP Configuration File button in the Configuration Files section.
    If using another FTP client, make a note of the details in the Manual Settings section.Manual Settings details and FTP Configuration File buttons - screenshot

  6. Test the FTP connection.

    If using CoreFTP or Cyberduck, open the configuration file that you downloaded and enter the FTP account password when prompted.
    If using another FTP client use the FTP configuration details and account password.
    Make sure that no connection errors are listed, and that you can view the files on your server.

Next Steps

Now that you’ve created an FTP account in cPanel, you can use it to upload or download files from your server. If you’re moving your WordPress site to a new server using Duplicator, see How to restore your WordPress site from a backup.