How to create a sitemap in Magento


This guide explains how to create a sitemap in Magento so that you can submit it to search engines for indexing. This will improve the site’s SEO and help it show up in search results.


  1. Magento Admin account with access to the XML Sitemap and Site Map sections.

Skill Level

Basic knowledge of Magento.


Time needed: 5 minutes.

  1. Log into Magento Admin.

  2. Go to the Configuration page.

    In the main menu click Stores > Settings > Configuration.Magento Admin Stores and Configuration menu optoins - screenshot

  3. Go to the XML Sitemap page.

    Click Catalog > XML Sitemap.Catalog and XML Sitemap menu options - screenshot

  4. Update the XML Sitemap settings.

    Click Generation Settings. For the Enabled field, untick the Use system value tick box and select Yes in the drop down. For the Error Email Recipient field, enter the email address you would like error emails to be sent to.
    Click Search Engine Submissions Settings. For the Enable Submissions to Robots.txt field, untick the Use system value tick box and select Yes in the drop down.
    Review all the other settings and, if appropriate for your site, edit them.
    Click Save Config.Generation Settings and Search Engine Submission Settings - screenshot

  5. Go to the Site Map page.

    In the main menu click Marketing > SEO & Search > Site MapMarketing and Site Map menu options - screenshot

  6. Click Add Sitemap.

    Add Sitemap button - screenshot

  7. Fill in the Sitemap details.

    In the Filename field, enter the name of the sitemap. This is normally sitemap.xml.
    In the Path field, enter the path to the sitemap. Depending on your setup, this could be a forward slash “/” (which would result in the path being
    Click Save & Generate.Filename and Path fields and Save & Generate button - screenshot

  8. Make a note of the Sitemap link.

    Make a note of the link for the sitemap in the Link for Google column.Link for Google value - screenshot

Next Steps

Now that you’ve created a sitemap in Magento you can submit it in Google Search Console. You may also want to make sure the robots.txt is set correctly.